Monday, December 24, 2012

**Hack, Wheeze, Cough cough** "No, I'm fine. Thanks anyway."

I am coming to my own assistance

Last month all 3 of my girls got sick.  A wide variety of maladies emerged including bouts of vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills, sore throats and croupy coughs.  Each of them experienced something slightly different but they all required extra attention (along with plenty of disaster clean-up and laundry).

It was probably inevitable that about a week later I became ground zero for some super-sickness that emerged from the germ soup that my children had cooked up.  After a miserable week I started to feel better except for a nagging cough.  That cough has stuck with me for the last month during which time I have plowed through 2 industrial sized bags of cough drops from Costco and endured coughing fits that created migraine level headaches. I even coughed my back out of place and had to spend most of a day laying in bed.  It wasn't until this past week that I finally called a doctor and took care of it.  I'm very relieved that today I am finally noticing it subside.

When I pause to reflect I can see inconsistencies between how I care for myself in comparison to how I treat those around me. I am capable of helping others and providing assistance without hesitation, but I frequently neglect, deny, or ignore my own needs.  I have even had times when I waited for someone else to do for me what I could easily have done for myself.  I think maybe I do that in the hope that by having someone save me it will prove I'm loved.  When I need help that is beyond my ability I usually don't ask because I don't think I deserve it, I'm an inconvenience to others, or I haven't earned it.

To change this I will start recognizing my value and worthiness.  I will love myself enough to take care of my needs.  I will take time to check-in with myself and become aware of what my needs are and whenever possible I will nurture them.  When my needs require help from others I will reach out knowing I am deserving of the assistance I seek. 


  1. I love that. It's soooo true for many of us.
    Remember you didn't ASK for an achilles tendon rub backpacking! Or dinner in bed (bag)! We just knew you were totally worthy & deserving of it! We love you Clair!

  2. I especially appreciated how you let me just put the dirty cup outside the tent and you totally took care of it for me. Easy on the Achilles tendon jokes though, remember what happened last time?!