Sunday, April 14, 2013

Owning Awesomeness

I walk my path with confidence

Once I firmly commit to the process of walking my path of authenticity and personal growth I must choose to move forward with confidence. Having goals and a hope of reaching them is made possible by a belief in myself. A belief that I am worth it, that I am enough, and that I can accomplish what I set out to do. To navigate that path will require my full efforts and a utilization of my talents to deal with the inevitable challenges I face. 

I sometimes find it hard to be confident in myself. I think part of my difficulty is not wanting to be perceived as arrogant or prideful. I think one of the key differences between arrogance and confidence is action. Arrogance breeds complacency and entitlement, a feeling of having already arrived and being better than others. Confidence leads to action fueled by a gratitude for the gifts I have. An awareness of those talents allow me to use them in the service of myself and others. 

What gifts and talents can you be confident in that will help you walk your path?

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