Monday, February 4, 2013

Case of the Mondays

This too shall pass

This is the third straight Monday I have just felt.....blah.  I am unable to think of a particular reason why, but it is a growing trend that I would like to figure out.  I would guess I am not the only one who has days like that.

Right now it is helpful for me to recognize that it is okay to feel a little off.  It is unreasonable to expect each day to be productive or easy. What is important for me to remember is that what I feel is not a permanent condition.
When I get stuck in sadness, pain, or uncomfortable feelings it may seem that it will never end.  Happy memories are clouded over and my difficulties are exaggerated.  Instead of seeing it as a brief moment in the journey along my path I get stuck and end up setting up camp and living under the dark shadows.

With proper perspective I can see that Monday only lasts as long as every other day and whatever I am experiencing will pass in time if I avoid holding on to it.  I will allow myself to experience each day and continue moving. 


  1. That is right. it's never permanent though it feels like it absolutely will be. It's a lie. It's only a bump in the road and it's ok. Those are normal and always pass. You can just be nice to yourself while you're waiting for it to.

    1. My experiences also make me feel like it will never end, and yet somehow it is still difficult for me to remember that in those moments.