Thursday, January 31, 2013

Narrate me down from here

In times of difficulty I receive guidance and support

When I was five our yard had 2 giant pine-trees.  I suppose everything looks giant at five but as I recall they were at least as tall as the roof of our 2 story house.  They had thick low hanging branches and I loved to climb them. One day I decided to see if I could reach the top.  I climbed with confidence and when I had nearly reached the top I began to notice the branches getting much smaller.  I was balancing precariously on a thin branch when I looked down and panicked.  As Tigger can attest. it is much more difficult to climb down a tree than to climb up it.

Paralyzed with fear I was unable to see how I could possibly get back down. I was stuck and alone. I called out for help. My brother heard my calls and was able to help me safely down.  He called out and guided me to each branch telling me where to safely put my feet and encouraging me along the way.

Sometimes I climb myself into situations that seem much more difficult to get out of than it was to get into.  When I feel alone and stuck that is when I may need to call out for help.  If I look to my Higher Power and those around me they can help guide me safely back to solid ground. 

We are all connected in our journeys and nobody makes it alone. Today I honor those who have answered the call for help.  I will also commit to listen carefully for ways to help others who may be in need of assistance. I am never alone in my struggles.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. When we are caught up in the moment, our emotions, or desires it can be easy to climb into tough spots that are difficult to get out of. By trusting in others and being willing to ask for help we will often find that it is there waiting for us.

  2. I agree. Reaching out is the last thing we feel like doing in times of trouble. But it's the smartest thing to do. And it blesses both parties.