Thursday, December 20, 2012

Process > Product

I am patient and accepting of myself and others

I grew up in a small rural community and our house was on 5 acres of land.  My dad loved to garden and used as much of our land as could be managed to grow a variety of crops.  It seemed closer to small scale farming than what most people would consider a normal garden.  I remember many summer mornings weeding row after row of corn feeling like a chain-gang prisoner and I would swear to myself that when I was older I would NEVER have a garden.

Not only do I have a garden but for the last several years I've spent countless hours cutting back a jungle of Pfitzer bushes and hauling off truck load after truck load of branches and roots to make more gardening space.  Although I still don't necessarily enjoy weeding, gardening has a tendency to teach me things and help me connect with myself, nature and my Higher Power.

I am often impatient with myself and others.  In particular if I have something I am trying to change, learn, or improve on, I often want to just get there as quickly as possible.  I don't appreciate the difficulty of the process and focus far too much on the product.  When I reject myself and focus on what I am not, rather than accepting where I am in the process I undermine my own growth.  It creates unreal expectations and distorts how I see things.  When I am patient and understand life as a process of growth and not some race to a finished product I see the world as it should be; full of the various stages of life, beauty and imperfection.

When I garden I do not despise the seed that has not yet begun to flower or bear fruit, just as I should not judge myself and others who are still in the process of growing and blooming. The process is what is important and I will accept myself wherever I am in that journey.  Patiently I will continue to grow and learn. 


  1. Good stuff. You've hit the nail on the head with something I've been trying to work on myself. Whenever I start a project I tend to get way ahead of myself and live in the tomorrow when I should really focus on the present. The patience with the small details can really make all the difference in an end product, even if they may seem boring and tedious.

  2. Great thoughts! I have found that when my seeds don't blossom I have usually neglected them. I have forgotten to water, fertilize... The seeds of growth within me that are waiting to germinate need that same attention. If I forget the care needed to facilitate my own growth that seed lies dormant. And if I neglect the care it needs for too long it never will and I will have to start all over tending to the fallow(adj) ground.