Sunday, December 16, 2012


I am enough, just as I am

I have an unhealthy tendency to constantly compare myself to others.  Whenever I do it is easy to find plenty of ways that I don't measure up.  I begin to feel deficient, that I am not enough.  I don't need to be perfect.  Reaching my potential begins with realizing that I am acceptable just as I am.

I am enough
Even when I feel off, I am enough
Despite not always being at my best, I am enough
In places of grief and darkness, lamenting a loss, I am enough
When things didn't go as planned and I am filled with disappointment, I am enough
When my weaknesses are in the spotlight for me and all the world to see, I am enough
When loneliness closes around me like a cage, I am enough
In my brokenness and imperfection, I am still enough
And when I accept that I am indeed enough I open myself to the light and love that chases darkness away, that sparks hope and connects me to the human experience of us all. 
Striving, battling, falling, hurting, crying, trying, trudging the long and difficult path of life,
 through it all I am enough.

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