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Creating (Guest Post - Crystalee)

I am delighted to introduce Crystalee. She was one of the amazing graduate students I was honored to interact with for a conflict class this semester. She always brought a spirit of curiosity and positive energy to class. You can find more of Crystalee at

 I create my life experiences

Isn’t the power of words phenomenal? While I’ve been interested in the power of positive affirmations ever since I came across a Louise Hay book several years ago, 2013 has won me over completely. I’ve learned this year, through personal and professional experience, that the words I tell myself become my thoughts, and gradually form my beliefs. My beliefs dictate my experiences. Therefore, if I want to change my experiences, I must start with what I tell myself.

First, allow me a professional example. Earlier this year, I found myself feeling a “stuck” in my position at work.  I’d worked really hard and made some corporate-wide contributions in a global company. I hoped to have an opportunity to grow, stretch beyond my duties and attain a higher title. On my daily morning walks to work, I’d say aloud, “I am valued in my workplace, I am well-paid, and I am a manager.” At the time my title was still “Specialist,” but I wanted to really believe I could be recognized as a higher title. I would get discouraged at times, but kept saying my affirmations. Over and over, I pictured myself with a new job title and a raise. Within months, a new opportunity came along. I applied. I was selected, and promoted to a manager position. And you know what? The first time I was eligible to attend the corporate-wide manager meeting for 250+ people, I was asked to present my latest project to all the other managers!

During this same timeframe, I’d been quite heartbroken on the home front. I learned the precious fragility of life, having experienced an early miscarriage. I ached. I grieved. I wondered if it was my fault. Without being able to change the past, I decided to prepare for the next time I’d have the opportunity. I started telling myself, “My body, mind, and spirit are ready to welcome a child.” Whenever I felt very sad, I’d say my affirmation aloud, hoping it was really true. 

That was a couple seasons ago. As I write these words, I'm now 28 weeks pregnant. Every day now I say, "My baby grows healthy, happy, and strong to full term." And she does! What delight my husband and I had when we went to the doctor a few weeks ago and looking at the ultrasound he said, "She's looking healthy and happy," confirming my affirmation. I've completed a Hypnobirthing class, learning to release fear. Every night as I listen to a series of birthing affirmations, my confidence in myself, my body, and my baby grows. It's empowering to replace former fears of birth with joy and excitement - all by the power of affirmations. She will be welcomed into this world peacefully.

My daughter will have a whole world of potential open to her. You and I do too, and the affirmations can help us be the people we hope to be. Here's a quote on being the creator in your own life:

"You have two creators - God and yourself. God furnished you the raw material of your life and the laws which can help you make your life whatever you want it to be. You are your second creator! It is what you make of yourself that really counts. You are great because of what you may become. And, you have wonderful powers you don't yet understand. You were placed on this earth, not as finality but as possibility. Your greatest enemy is yourself. In your weakness you are a creature of circumstances; in your strength you are the creator of circumstances. Whether you are a victim or a victor depends largely on you and how you exercise the power of self-control." 

 - David Star Jordon (a former president of Stanford University), "The Kingship of Self Control"

Indeed, I'm the victor in my own life. I create my life experiences. And as my baby grows, I will teach her to do the same. 

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